What does this app do?
This application allows you to come up with unique passwords from schemes that are familiar to you but are impossible for someone else to figure out.
How does it work?
First you name your scheme, then add prompts and values. Prompts are just for you to know what value goes there. The values are what is used to actually generate the password hash. Then with settings you can trim the generated password down in size and even add prefixes and/or suffixes. Additionally, you can replace characters with others.
Why is this important?
If your password for is "Password1!" and someone steals your password and email, chances are you reuse that password instead of having a unique one for every site. If you do use a unique one for every site, you probably add something that is unique to the site or service to the password like "Password1_apple" or "Password1_google". Still, someone with your password could easily figure out your password scheme. This would allow a hacker to access all of your accounts just form them getting access to one password.
How is my data protected?
Security is the main focus of this app. Your data is encrypted using AES 256 encryption using your password to create your private key. Your password is never stored in the device so the app will not be able to read your data without you putting the correct password in. If the app can't even read the data without your password, you can rest assured that a hacker a thief definitely cannot either.
Where is my data stored?
All sensitive data is stored encrypted locally on your device. No data is stored outside of the device you have the app on.
Are there backups / device syncing?
If you do not backup your phone or you delete the app you will lose your data. If you reinstall the app from your iCloud backup then you will have to put your password in again upon restore but your data will be there. Currently you cannot sync your passwords between devices or export however there are plans to create a secure backup service as well as sync and export services. You should however be able to recreate your password schemes.